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Energy efficiency: Not in Australia mate!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

See below for this week’s Radio National program on Energy Efficiency in Australia, on Background Briefing. This timely national overview, including an interview with Simplot’s national Environment Manager, sits well with the introduction of the Federal Government’s Clean Technology Grants, specifically the Food and Foundries program. Here

Energy efficiency: Not in Australia mate! (from the Radio National ABC website, 10 Apr 2012)

In forty years Australia’s energy efficiency record has barely improved. We’re a land of air con, power hungry industry, and fuel guzzling cars. But electricity is no longer cheap, and we have to deal with carbon emissions. Energy savings could deal with both. Yet the message has been swept away by the political storm over a carbon price. Reporter: Di Martin


VFITB is keen to promote another opportunity for industry to explore carbon reduction  – the NORTHlink/RMIT Greenhouse gas reduction program. This program places final year Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering (Sustainability Energy) students into companies to work on energy reduction projects. Take advantage of this innovative program to improve your company’s energy efficiency.

1st semester companies this year:

PWB Anchor   Melbourne Water  Food Plastics   BTI Logistics   Armstrong World Industries   Sealed Air Cryovac   Olex   Colonial First State   Nestle Campbellfield   Capral   Fonterra

2nd semester :

Envirotank; John Holland Engineering; WilloWare; William Adams

Contact Mick Butera NORTH Link, P: 03 9479 3337 and at RMIT: John Andrews

Saving Dollars and Saving the Environment Final Invitation to Participate in 2012

Monday, February 27th, 2012

craigieburn poolIt’s not too late to join 12 Victorian companies in their 2012 quest to better understand their site energy consumption and explore innovative and effective consumption reduction options. And save money… you will also be providing our future mechanical and manufacturing engineers the benefit of invaluable experience that only live field work can provide.

Craigieburn Pool could save over $6K per annum, and reduce emissions by 236 tonnes per annum, based on part of their NORTH Link project outcomes.

Let the talented and passionate RMIT students solve some energy use issues. Food companies that have signed up in the past include Baxter Foods, Edlyn Foods, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse, Fosters Brewing Group and the Original Juice Company. But the program is not just for food companies with manufacturers and organisations such as Melbourne Water, Melbourne Airport and Sutton Tools all being past beneficiaries of the program.
Already a number of companies including large multinationals and SMEs from food, dairy and other manufacturing areas have signed up for 2012.
The outstanding results that students can achieve can be seen in some 2011 examples:

  • Baxter Foods    90 tonnes of emission reduction Nearly $30K savings per annum Payback under 2 yrs
  • Dolphin         60 tonnes reduction per year $3K fuel savings per annum Payback under 3 yrs
  • Capral                4250 tonnes reduction $over 300K savings per year Payback 9 yrs

For more information or to participate in the program, please contact Mick Butera, Executive Director, NORTH Link (T) 03 9479 3337

Plant sites across the state are eligible. Please circulate this invitation to relevant Plant and Operations Managers and Engineers.  ORIGINAL STORY (16 January)

FDF10 Version 2 Endorsed

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

The FDF10 Food Processing Version 2 Training Package was endorsed by the National Skills Standards Council at its 26 October 2011 meeting.

It is expected that FDF10v2 will be published on on Friday 4th November.


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